How to Order

The price of the Prakticello ® is $1495.00 (plus shipping), this includes strings, carrying case and fiberglass endpin but not a bow. The instrument will be ready to play and travel.

You supply your own normal size bow.  Your cello bow is stored safely inside the body of the instrument during travel.

The Prakticello ® is varnished using an instrument oil varnish.
The instrument comes installed a carbon fiber endpin and with Geared Cello Pegs from PegHeds™

I do also take orders for 3/4 size Prakticello ®s. I do not rent out any instrument.

I ship worldwide via UPS based on the costs involved. All shipments are insured for the above amount. Shipping in the USA can vary depending in what part of the country you live in. For example shipping to Boston or Miami from would be approximately $48.00, San Francisco $59.00, and Austin, TX $55.00.  I will give you an accurate quote based on the rates at UPS at this moment if you provide city and zip/postal code. Once shipped I will provide a tracking number.

For international shipments possible instead of using UPS as an option, you use a forwarding agent like, it will reduce shipping costs by about 50% and I have shipped many instruments that way. You will need to create an account with them. For example, total shipping costs to Norway and Australia are about $150.00.

If you are interested please let me know your city and zip/postal code and will provide an accurate price for the shipping cost.  If you have a travel date please let me know.

  • Payment can be done via personal check (US and Canada) or bank wire or via Zelle.
  • For international customers instead of bank wire using is a quick and likely a cheaper solution than a bank wire
  • Sorry, I do not accept credit cards directly or PayPal.
  • Credit cards can be used through Western Union.
  • Good time to call me is between 10:00 and 22:00 hours, see the time clock above. (This is New York Time)
  • If emailing please include your country and your phone number, city and zip/postal code and a good time for me to call you if needed.
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